Search Engine Optimization

Establish intellegent URLs. 

We use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get you more traffic.  By creating pages that have 'intelligent' URLs, Google and other search engines that "crawl" webpages and look in a variety of places to discern their content will be more likely to land on your page.  One of those places is the address bar.  An optimized page has a relevant URLs. 

for example the URL for this page is: .../service/search-engine-optimization/

Track your Traffic.

Every site we build allows us to learn about the traffic with Google Analytics.  We analyze the traffic to your site and take note of the most viewed pages.   We know where our visits are coming from and how long they stayed.  

For example, if we run an ad with Facebook, we know what pages those clicks subsequently lead to and how long the visitor stayed on our site.

Submit your site to directories & link with other websites.

Pointing relavent links to your website is one of the best ways to get better search engine results. There are many sites that would benefit from sharing links with you.  We will help you find them.

Use Press Releases.

Whether you have an event, a product release, are looking to hire new talent, or have any message to share with the world, we can help you to spread the word.  We can automatically generate press releases, newsletters, facebook posts, postcards, formletters, print ready posters and many more to help you promote it.

Auto-generated Metadata.

Description and keywords meta tags are commonly used to describe the Web page's content. Most search engines use this data when adding pages to their search index.  We convert any page's content into a robot friendly meta data format automatically.

Use a Blog.

We have excellent blog software and highly recommend keeping one up.  Search engines are constantly scanning blogs for up to date content.  We will also automatically convert your blog into Atom and RSS feeds for easy sharing.